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iGaming has become one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, the one which definitely worth your investment. Regulations everywhere change towards more loyal and easy-to-do in most of the countries, and many limitations of the past vanish. Well, we have good news for you - our new platform makes it fast and easy to open a new business for you. Casino, Sportsbook, Games - all in one or one by one, as you wish. The IGTRM platform is multywallet, multycurrency and multilingual to perfectly fit into all the markets you want to enter, so you can start several businesses with that one final click when we go live. How long does it take? Yes, it's time consuming, as we will need to have all the integrations in place, mainly the content providers and payment systems. But you will be surprised when you see how many of them we ALREADY have integrated, so our main job will be just fine-tuning all the settings for you. Remember, that we NEVER charge for any kind of migration. Yes, migration is FREE. It's arguably the most painful process in any iGaming business, but we have done so many, that we are too familiar with all the issues and how deep they are. There is nothing to be afraid of - just drop us a note, we'll start from there.

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